AYAIDA is a small Danish family owned company. Combining design, functionality and elegance in their products that are all connected to a mission - to relieve the planet from exaggerated amounts of plastic while making a difference for people who haven't got the same possibilities as we have in Europe.

Aya and Ida are the names of the company owners' two daughters who inspired the thinking behind AYAIDA to think about the next generation and the opportunities or limitations they will encounter if we continue our consumption without consideration.

They believe products made from natural materials can have long, functional lives and then return to where they came from rather than accumulate in landfill. All of this has inspired the creation of the reusable straws and drinking bottles. These reusable items are made from stainless steel and are plastic free, perfect for reusing to prevent unnecessary plastic waste.
We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of eco-friendly and organic products within our homeware range. You can change the world one item at a time.