Looking for the perfect addition to your home coffee brewing collection or in need of an ideal gift for your favourite coffee connoisseur? Then our diverse range of top brand coffee brewing equipment is ideal for you!

Coffee is the perfect way to start the day, so make sure you start it with coffee brewers from brands like Chemex, Aeropress and the Hario V60. Why not prepare your delicious coffee by hand with the hand grinder that is an innovative part of the Hario Skerton plus, or sit and relax as your coffee drip filters through one of our Chemex coffee makers. Relax and let the aroma of homemade, fresh coffee fill the air.

We don’t just stock the coffee makers, but all the home coffee brewing equipment you could need and that includes those all important filter papers. With various sizes and brands available there is a filter paper to fit every coffee brewer. Or for the tea drinkers among us, we stock organic reusable tea bags, so that you can enjoy your favourite tea over and over again whilst being sustainable.

When drinking your favourite coffee it is important to have the right mug, so check out our range of mugs and espresso cups in our kitchen and dining section! Still stuck for a gift for your favourite coffee lover? Not a problem, we offer gift cards that enable them to order what they want when they want. So why not let them do the choosing for you.

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Chemex Coffee Maker Glass Cover
Hario Drip Buono Kettle
Kinto Clear Gray Plastic Brewer
Hario Skerton Plus Coffee Grinder
Hario Bona Drip Kettle
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