Kalita Cloth Filter

  • £9.50

A sustainable alternative to Khalita 185 paper filters, enjoy delicious pour over coffee at home! Cloth filters are reusable and a more sustainable alternative to enjoy tasty coffees over and over again.

Made from a blend of organic cotton and hemp, achieve balanced and delicious coffee with this cloth filter, tailor made for Kalita wave. Letting through more oils than paper filters while holding back all the fines metal filters let through, this 185 Kalita cloth filter is the middle ground between metal and paper, giving you a clean, sweeter and more full bodied brew.

How To Care For Your Cloth Filter And Make It Last:

Get rid of as much coffee as you can. Thoroughly rinse under hot water, don't put it in with your laundry! Boil in fresh water every month or so to remove any built up oils. If your filter stays dump for too long it will start to smell, avoid that by: Leaving it to dry and storing it dry. Storing it in water and putting it in the fridge (for daily use). Putting it in a container while wet and storing it in the freezer (if using every now and then).