Filter Papers

We all aspire to achieve a perfectly smooth coffee when using our home coffee makers, so make sure you have the right coffee filter papers. With tops brands like Chemex, Aeropress, and Hario, you can be sure to find high-quality coffee papers that enable you to achieve that smooth rich morning coffee.

Enjoy sediment-free aromatic and tasty coffee with the Hario and Chemex paper filters, that are perfectly shaped to fit into the Hario and Chemex drip coffee makers. Get clear and clean coffee without any papery taste in your cup.

Looking for an environmentally friendly solution to getting clear and smooth coffee? Our coffee papers are all biodegradable and we offer filter papers from eco-friendly brands, including The Organic Company. Blended cotton and hemp cloth coffee filters are a sustainable alternative and are the middle ground between metal and paper, giving you a clean, sweeter, and more full-bodied brew. Easy to clean and great for aromatic coffee!

Find the perfect coffee maker to go with your coffee filter paper of choice, we have a great range of drip brewers, grinders, espresso makers, and many more coffee pots. Make every coffee great today!

Hario V60 02 Filter Papers
Hario V60 01 Filter Papers
Aeropress Cloth Filter