Rose Taupe Recycled Chiffon Sari Ribbon

  • £15.99

Rose Taupe dyed recycled ribbon made from 100% repurposed remnants of traditional handmade Indian chiffon silk saris. Chiffon is a beautifully sheer silk fibre that is elegant and soft to touch. Ideal for conscious consumers and makers with sustainability in mind, create fibre art with show stopper pieces using this alternative fibre or swap your usual polyester ribbon for this and use to wrap your presents for loved ones on special occasions. 

Hand crafted and dyed each batch may vary in texture and colour adding to its artisan charm.

Sold per meter or per skein 

* The average length of a skein is 45-50 meters but this may vary. Please note when purchasing a skein the ribbon may be tangled with loose threads which we tidy when sold per meter.