Jersey & Knits

Ideal for making any cosy garment such as jumpers, hoodies, joggers, cardigans and so much more, jersey fabric is wonderfully soft, and great for both loose or fitted garments.

We have a great range of jersey knits, including ribbed, soft lima, plain ponte, sweat knits, and more. All of these can be used to tailor an outfit to your specific requirements, as they all have unique but complementary features. With nep sweat offer a raw look to garments, ribbed being great for fitted features like cuffs, and soft lima offering a flattering look when draped loosely, there is certainly something for every garment style in this collection.

Having the right tools to transform these organic jersey fabrics into stunning show-stopping fashion pieces is essential, and we have just the right thing for you. Our haberdashery range has everything you need, from buttons and patterns to scissors and books. Start creating your own style today!
Organic Nep Sweat- Stone
Organic Nep Sweat- Mustard
Plain Ponte Knit-Deep Green
Plain Ponte Knit-Cider
Plain Ponte Knit-Blueberry