Why We Love Maison Bengal?

With a loyal worldwide following Maison Bengal Ltd is a fair-trade company founded in 2004 by Sheenagh Day. With a background of working in the aid industry Sheenagh was inspired by the skills involved with traditional basket and bag weaving in the poorest areas of Bangladesh so she decided to start her fair trade company. Providing a market for the most marginalised communities working with mothers and young women helping to fight poverty in Bangladesh

Utilising local resources and only using local natural materials such as Jute and Hogla (a local sea grass) she developed her designs with collaborations with other local fair-trade partner organisations. Made with love Maison Bengal products are beautiful but also practical as well as durable. Maison Bengal now works with over two thousand women throughout Bangladesh enabling them to stay and work in their local communities whilst supporting and caring for their families.

“Since 2007, Maison Bengal funds the yearly running costs of a small part-time out patient rural clinic. This provides vital basic medical care to a remote rural community, who previously had to travel over twenty miles to the nearest health facility.”  

“In all the communities in which we work, producers are now able to send all their children to school. Parents now have enough money to pay for books, pens, shoes and uniforms. All the mothers we work with are particularly keen to make sure their daughters have the best education possible, thereby giving them greater life choices.”

This is why we love Masion Bengal and are proud to be stocking this ethical brand. As a small independent business we want to stock and offer our customers brands with meaning and want everyone to be mindful of the impact our purchases have to communities as well as the environment. We don’t only sell fair trade and organic products but do believe in balance and urge others to challenge themselves to the importance of making positive small decisions and understanding the difference that can make.

Buy less, choose well!