April Pour Over Coffee Brewer

  • £65.00

Created and used by Patrik Rolf at World Brewers Cup 2019 scoring the highest cup score in the competition contributing to a silver medal, the April Brewer project started with a simple goal to create a Drip Filter Brewer that generates a perfectly balanced, transparent, and reliable taste experience.

the April Coffee Brewer is an  innovative pour over brewer that makes achieving a great, tasty cup of coffee easy.

The unique flat bottom structure regulates your flow rate meaning you have more flexibility in grind size variation enabling you to go finer without risking clogging.

The Kit, designed in collaboration with Belgian design firm Serax, includes the ceramic brewer and a custom designed 250ml ceramic cup with lid to enhance the aroma experience.

Material: Thin ceramic clay
Style: Flatbed
Paper filter: Kalita 185 or other flatbed filters