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Los Girasoles Costa Rica

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Los Girasoles Costa Rica. From the Tarrazu region Los Girasoles is the third and final coffee been selected from the Calderon family this year. After years of working together, Fernanda, the youngest Calderon daughter, spent time working in roasteries and cafes in and around Europe a few summers ago. On her return to Costa Rica, she set up a small roastery in the corner of their warehouse, roasting and distributing her coffee to local cafés. It is to our delight we received news that Fernanda opened up a coffee shop on the farm! Set on a terrace allowing you to take in the sweeping views of the valley and surrounding coffee farms, the coffee shop serves as a farm-to-cup experience for visiting guests. To see the Los Girasoles farm-to-farm circle complete is truly special. We might not be able to offer the view, but we sure are proud to share Los Girasoles with you. As the name suggests, expect sunshine in a cup. 

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazu

Process: White Honey

Taste: Red Plum, Shortbread, Caramel

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