Muungano DR Congo Speciality Coffee Beans from Square mile coffee roasters at Coffee and Cloth
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Muungano DR Congo

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We are absolutely delighted to welcome back the coffee from Muungano, a lot that is exclusively from the women of the Cooperative. In the cup we get wild berries and lime rounded out by a fun cream soda finish.  

If you remember this coffee from recent years then we’re sure you’re as delighted as us to see the return of coffee from the Muungano cooperative in the DRC. This year we are proud to share with you a lot that is exclusively from the women of the cooperative. Around 1600 of Muungano’s members are women, many of them are widowed and the only breadwinners in their families. In a society with deep-rooted gender inequality, where women are at extremely high risk of violence, the Muungano cooperative has worked hard to empower women. One way they’ve decreased the risk of assault to members is by offering women their own dedicated days to deliver cherry. This also allows their beans to be kept as unique lots, and gain quality derived premiums. Says Zawadi Kalwira, widow and mother of four: “I am now a member of Muungano and I am happy to be one. I get a fixed price for my coffee.”

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