Ozone Christmas Blend - Coffee and Cloth
Ozone Christmas Blend - Coffee and Cloth

Ozone Christmas Blend

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Ozone Christmas Blend. For this year’s Christmas Blend we have brought together three of our favourite coffees from our two most valued sourcing partners, Has Bean and Caravela Coffee. Expect rich, fruity flavours that punch through creamy milk chocolate, with a decadent, wine-like body. Truly the indulgent treat you deserve during the festive season.

Artwork by Alex Gyurkovicz, a talented Brazilian graphic designer who calls London home.

Alex’s design concept for this year’s Christmas Blend packaging is quite simple – the type is the hero.

There’s no illustration in the formal sense, no acrobatic-design-moves to catch the eye and no peacocking around.

Just an exploration around the idea of one being part of a whole, of playfulness and of blending design form, shape and pops of colour to get you that festive flavour in your cup.

ProducerEl Yalcon, Colombia. Sharo, Ethiopia. San Patricio, Guatemala.

Flavour Notes: Milk Chocolate, Orange, Raspberry

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