Phoebe Check Linen

  • £14.25
Oeko-Tex certified linen in a sophisticated check, with a 10.5cm repeat pattern. A yarn dyed fabric that is dyed before being woven.

A soft fabric with a beautiful drape, making it ideal for dressmaking or for home project. If using as curtains lining is recommended to avoid fading.

Produced in small batches in Europe where is a strong heritage of weaving and spinning, laundered and tumbled at the mill for softness, where electricity supplied solely from renewable energy sources

Ideal for making dresses, tops, loose trousers, and relaxed jackets.

Composition: 100% linen

Width: 150 cm
Weight: 200 gsm
Care: wash at 30 degrees with non bio detergent, shake out and flat dry. Do not tumble dry. Linen always seizes up after washing but will loosen once used and worn.

All fabrics priced and sold in units of HALF METER. Please select:

1= 0.5 meter

2= 1 meter

Please note: Some batches may vary in tone from photographed imaged. This may be due to varying monitor screens or dye batches. Please get in touch or order a sample if you are unsure about colour or quality.
Additional info:

Linen can be washed at high temperatures with very little shrinkage and does not pile. Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypo allergenic, It can absorb up to 20% of moisture before feeling damp.

Linen does crease as the fibres do not have elasticity, therefore can wear out quicker if folded in the same area repeatedly.

Naturally a more eco-friendly fabric which scores high on the ecological chart. It is completely recyclable and biodegradable. Due to its high absorbency does not need to be dyed as much as cotton. Flax is a strong plant that grows best in northern Europe that require very little if any fertiliser or pesticides and can grow well in poor quality soil. Every part of the plant can be used for other purposes such as paper, cattle feed, linseed oil, etc… which creates less waste.