Saul Menor Tayca
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Saul Menor Tayca

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The start of this years Peru season kicks off with Saul Menor Tayca who owns 3 hectares in the village of San Fransisco, Huabal. We travelled to Saul’s farm in August of this year to see his Caturra thriving at an altitude of around 2000 masl. The extra care he takes with selective picking and slow drying times ensure a high-quality cup. All Saul’s coffee is produced organically, partly due to the expenses involved, and partly due to how remote the farm is. Local infrastructure is poor, roads are not paved and journey times are lengthy, and for this reason, the farm is also completely self-sufficient. The family was extremely excited to have us there as the first speciality buyers to ever visit! This, along with the coffee being one of the first Peruvian single farmer lots we’ve bought makes it an extra special release that we can’t wait for you to try.


Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

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