The Cure, Seasonal Espresso Blend - Coffee and Cloth

The Cure, Seasonal Espresso Blend

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This coffee is a high grade Brazilian lot with great fruit, buttery body & lasting finish. We have blended the 'Bom Jardim' with a washed guatemalan lot from Huehuetenango, a region reknowded for it syrupy sweey complex coffees with juicy acidity.

This blend is full of the ripe stone-fruit taste of early summer; with pear-like malic acidity, plum & molasses bold fruit notes with lingering full body.

Tasting Notes: The Cure is a seasonal, modern take on a classic espresso blend. Pear & golden raisin brightness, balanced with sweet boozy plum notes & a syrupy body & finish.

50% Bom Jardim, Brazil
50% La Bolsa, Guatemala

Suitable for espresso machine & stove-top brewing.